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北京第二外国语学院学报  2020, Vol. 42 Issue (1): 111-120    DOI: 10.12002/j.bisu.269
Review of Interfaces in Grammar
Mengmeng Yang
Institute of Linguistics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing 100732, China
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生成语法学越来越多地关注不同组件(如句法、语义、音系、形态等)之间的接口研究,而针对汉语的接口研究却相对较少。在这一背景下,由Jianhua Hu(胡建华)和Haihua Pan(潘海华)主编的Interfaces in Grammar(《语法接口》)一书于2019年出版,书中呈现了多篇以汉语语言学为主的专门研究语法接口问题的成果。本文介绍《语法接口》各章的主要内容,并对全书作一简评。书中所录论文或展示了作者对重要理论和概念的深度思考,或侧重于经验研究,针对汉语、英语及其他语言的语言事实作细致的描写和挖掘,并从接口的层面重新看待相关语言事实;同时,有的文章还引入了儿童语言获得、二语习得的实证研究视角。

关键词: 语法接口普遍语法语言变异语言官能    

Interfaces in Grammar, published in 2019 as one of volumes of the Language Faculty and Beyond (LFAB) series by John Benjamins Publishing Company, constitutes an important response to the increasing interest in interface studies on language. In this volume, the emphasis has been placed on the interactions between different grammatical components, which are believed to be closely related to the internal structure of the language faculty. This volume is an important contribution to the theoretical and empirical study of the interactions of grammatical components in Chinese and other languages. It addresses issues such as anaphora universals over non-isomorphic languages, the central role that attraction and repulsion play in the grammar of natural languages, the linking of resumptive pronouns to the periphery, the inner-outer dichotomy of reflexive adverbials, the semantic effects that prosodic features have on the output of the computational system at the Conceptual-Intentional interface, the V-copy construction in Chinese, the syntax of the scope indicator either and its syntactic relation with disjunction, the negators bu (不) and mei (没) and their interactions with focus and event quantification, VP-ellipsis and null object constructions, child language acquisition of the mapping of nominal structure, word order and referentiality, as well as second language acquisition of syntax-semantics interface properties in Chinese NP1 NP2 V constructions.

Key words: interfaces in grammar    Universal Grammar    language variations    language faculty
收稿日期: 2019-06-30 出版日期: 2020-05-06
PACS:  H04  
作者简介: 杨萌萌,中国社会科学院语言研究所,100732,研究方向:句法学、语义学、历史语言学、上古汉语语法。电子邮箱
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杨萌萌. 《语法接口》述评[J]. 北京第二外国语学院学报, 2020, 42(1): 111-120.

Mengmeng Yang. Review of Interfaces in Grammar. Journal of Beijing International Studies University, 2020, 42(1): 111-120.


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