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北京第二外国语学院学报  2019, Vol. 41 Issue (6): 68-82    DOI: 10.12002/j.bisu.262
Text Selection in Literary Translation and the Construction of the Images of Chinese Women—A Study of the Anthologized English Translation of Chinese Women Writers by Chinese Literature Press after 1979
Wenhui Fu
University of International Business and Economics, Beijing 100029, China
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关键词: 中国文学出版社英译合集选材女作家中国女性形象    

The Chinese Literature Press (CLP) was a government-sponsored project to translate texts by Chinese writers. This paper examines the selection criteria used by the CLP in translating texts by Chinese female writers after 1979. It highlights the project’s efforts in promoting a desired image of the contemporary Chinese woman and contributions of presenting a variety of images to the Anglophone world. It also discusses discrepancies between the ideal image that the project intended to promote and what was more likely conveyed. From an imagology perspective, this paper illustrates how the anthologies convey greater diversity in Chinese women than do Western stereotypes and from a gender perspective, how the representation of the ideal Chinese women diverges from that expected. Manifold and close-to-life images of Chinese women, in particular of working and of urban women, were illustrated as the CLP aimed to demonstrate the positive transition of women’s status following the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Paradoxically, some female figures in the anthologies still have a subordinating mentality in spite of their economic independence, reflecting the CLP’s ignorance within a male-centric ideology to the importance of women’s psychological freedom. This paper sheds light on literary Chinese to English translations and discusses ongoing concerns particular to the representations of females and the promotion of Chinese culture overseas.

Key words: Chinese Literature Press    anthologized English translation    text selection    women writers    images of Chinese women
收稿日期: 2017-12-11 出版日期: 2020-03-16
PACS:  H059  
基金资助: 本研究获教育部人文社会科学研究青年基金项目“中国新时期女作家作品英译研究(1979—2010)”(项目编号:15YJC740017);北京市社会科学青年基金“抗战时期北平刊物译介行为研究”(项目编号:15WYC068)资助
作者简介: 付文慧,对外经济贸易大学,100029,研究方向:翻译与跨文化比较。电子邮箱
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付文慧. 文学译介选材与中国女性形象构建——以1979年以来中国文学出版社之女作家作品英译合集为例[J]. 北京第二外国语学院学报, 2019, 41(6): 68-82.

Wenhui Fu. Text Selection in Literary Translation and the Construction of the Images of Chinese Women—A Study of the Anthologized English Translation of Chinese Women Writers by Chinese Literature Press after 1979. Journal of Beijing International Studies University, 2019, 41(6): 68-82.


合集名称 作家 作品 题材
当代女作家作品选(1985年) 茹志娟 The Path through the Grassland
黄宗英 The Fight of the Wild Geese
宗璞 Melody in Dreams
谌容 At Middle Age
张洁 Love Must Not Be Forgotten
张抗抗 The Wasted Years
王安忆 Life in a Small Courtyard
中国当代女作家作品选(之二)(1991) 方方 Landscape
残雪 Dialogue in Heaven
刘索拉 Blue Sky and Green Sea
彭小莲 Hopes Worn Away
蒋韵 Crucible
丁小琦 Purple Asters
迟子建 In the Vast Country of the North
中国当代女作家作品选(之三)(1993) 池莉 Trials and Tribulations
范小青 Ruiyun
程乃珊 Happy Birthday
苏叶 Scatterbrain
毕淑敏 Broken Transformers
阿真 I Love You, Child
刘西鸿 Black Forest
六位当代中国女作家 (1995) 叶梅 Rhapsody of the Wake Dancers
陆星儿 Under One Roof
范小青 Return to Secular Life
铁凝 The Pregnant Woman and the Cow
王安忆 Miaomiao
张欣 Certainly Not Coincidence
中国当代女作家作品选(之七)(1998) 叶梅 Two Trees, Twinned Fates
迟子建 Beloved Potatoes
方方 Stakeout
毕淑敏 An Appointment With Death
范小青 Hand in Hand
方敏 The Endangered Ones
杨妮 Hong Ling
张欣 If Love, Then What?
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