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北京第二外国语学院学报  2019, Vol. 41 Issue (1): 101-111    DOI: 10.12002/j.bisu.177
A Postcolonial Study of Stephen Dedalus’s Hybrid Identity
Tong MOU
School of Foreign Languages, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China
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关键词: 詹姆斯·乔伊斯;《一个青年艺术家的画像》殖民话语抵抗话语文化身份杂合性爱尔兰文学    

By locating The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, the autobiographical fiction of the adolescent James Joyce, in the postcolonial space, this paper starts from revealing the colonial discourse and “counter discourse” hidden in the Irish society in the early 20 thcentury. The focal point of this paper is the identity crisis of Joyce’s alter ego, Stephen Dedalus, which unveils the whole nation’s anxiety over integrating and reconstructing the Irish national identity. Based on the postcolonial theories of Edward Said, Homi Bhabha, Stuart Hall, etc., the paper elaborates on the essentialist cultural identity constructed by religious institution and all kinds of nationalist movements. The study draws the following conclusions: Stephen refuses to be fixed in the essentialist position, which ignores the irreversible reality of multiple identities and cultural plurality. He embraces the hybrid identity and stays open to all the unknown, foreign and heterogeneous elements in life. Instead of breaking everything into dichotomy, hybrid identity often involves contradictory experiences and alterities, breaking the national boundaries, and defying the binary disciplines. In this way, the hierarchical colonial discourse is disrupted and destabilized. Meanwhile, a new possibility of narrative space and discursive space is created. Stephen’s choice of self-exile is not the denouncement of any “presence” in his identity but the embracement of the interplay of his “presences” in a larger world of hybridity. Although he left Ireland, Joyce kept the dialogue with his mother country all his life.

Key words: James Joyce    A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man    colonial discourse    counter discourse    cultural identity    hybridity    Irish literature
收稿日期: 2017-11-29 出版日期: 2019-06-10
PACS:  I106.4  
作者简介: 牟童,北京大学外国语学院,100871,主要研究方向:英美文学与文学理论。电子邮箱
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牟童. 后殖民视角下斯蒂芬·迪达勒斯的身份杂合性[J]. 北京第二外国语学院学报, 2019, 41(1): 101-111.

Tong MOU. A Postcolonial Study of Stephen Dedalus’s Hybrid Identity. Journal of Beijing International Studies University, 2019, 41(1): 101-111.


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